Earn money in your local area

Would you like to become a leaflet and/or Magazine distributor for Magazine Distributors Limited? Earn extra money in your local area in your own time. Work as much or as little as you want. Leaflet rounds start from £50 per thousand, up to some Magazine rounds that pay £80 per thousand and lots of options in between.
Fill in the application form below and we’ll contact you with details…

As long as you are 14 years old or more, reasonably fit and healthy and are honest and reliable, you’re welcome to apply. We supply maps and instructions about what you are distributing and you then organise your time to suit you, allowing the delivery to be complete within the time limited we give you (which is usually between 2 weeks and 4 weeks).

The only other requirement is a smart phone. This is so you can download and use a FREE app to track you as you deliver the round. We then check that the leaflets have been delivered via the completed maps and with our mystery test addresses, to let us know that they have received the leaflet through there door. You then get paid. Simple!

To apply, fill in the form below and we’ll be get right back to you.

Application to become a Distributor

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Please note that if you are under 18, it is company policy that your parent or guardian will need to complete their contact details in the section at the bottom of this form.
We regret we cannot process your application without this information.

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Payment will be made to your bank account the Friday after you have completed your round provided you have notified us of completion. All payments are made by electronic bank transfer into your nominated bank account. Please enter the account no., sort code and name of account (as shown on your debit card) below. 

If you would rather not disclose your account details at this point, please leave these boxes blank, but please be aware that this may result in payment delays if you’ve not supplied us with your bank details by the time we come to pay you.

PARENT/GUARDIAN CONFIRMATION: If the person applying for work is under 18, it is company policy that a parent or guardian’s completes this section. Please enter the name of the parent or guardian and current contact details.


I consent to the above named minor working for IMS Group. (Please enter name of the parent/guardian/carer/responsible adult who is authorising this application. You will need to sign the form at the bottom instead of the minor)

Please enter a mobile number of a parent or guardian or responsible adult in case we need to contact you with any concerns.

PRIVACY & CONFIDENTIALITY: I agree that if I am hired, I will not make contact with any of Magazine Distributors Limited’s customers directly either whilst working for us or afterwards. I agree that I will not subcontract the work to anybody else and that I will complete the work myself or with members of my family. I understand that by providing my personal details to Magazine Distributors Limited that they will not be shared outside of Magazine Distributors Limited without my express permission.

I the undersigned, agree that I have truthfully completed the above application and that I am legally allowed to work in the United Kingdom. I understand that any false or fraudulent statements or information supplied by me may result in my application being cancelled at any time. If selected, I agree to undertake the above work to the best of my ability and to look after the property of Magazine Distributors Limited. I understand that failure to return, on demand, any equipment hired to me by Magazine Distributors Limited in the same condition as it was supplied will mean I could be liable for the cost of its replacement or repair.

Magazine Distributors Limited needs the contact information you provide to us to process your application and to contact you about future work if your application is successful. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time by replying to any emails or texts we send you with the words ‘PLEASE REMOVE ME’. Please note that if you do this, we will remove your name and details from our lists and will not contact you about future work. You will need to re-apply using this form to hear from us again