BrochureZine - Contract Publishing Services

Your own business publication

One of our specialist services comes in the form of Contract Publishing. Essentially, this means that Village Publishing creates a printed and/or digital magazine for you, that carries your brand message directly to existing customers and to potential new customers via direct distribution or strategically positioned pick-up points.

Imagine, having your own quality magazine, where you’re in control of every page… much more effective that a corporate brochure and easier to get into the hands of new customers.

We help you formulate the content and target the advertising, while we then design and produce the publication for you. An ‘end-to-end’ publishing service covering the entire publishing journey or elements of it to best fit in with you. Sounds expensive? You’ll be surprised how cost effective this sort of marketing can be… we even have options that come in at a zero cost and even scenarios that create a new revenue stream for your business!

Contract Publishing Services

All done for you

This is our 'end-to-end' premium contract publishing service. Here, we work with you to create the look, feel and format of your publication, before creating the original content and imagery that will bring the publication to life. We also expand and translate your brand, ethos and business strategy to enhance your message and tailor it to you target audiences.
To help pay for the costs, we can also take positions in your publication to sell to third-party advertisers, who wish to target the same types of potential customers as you, with complementary and never competing products and services.
Finally, we arrange printing and/or digital upload of your magazine and we can also assist you with getting your magazine out there or take care of the distribution of your publication for you.

You Sell the Ads

A popular service with many of our clients see's us assist you to create compelling content, while we design, produce and deliver your publication for you. However, when it comes to the advertising content, you sell the adverts (usually to friendly local businesses, partner organisations and suppliers), to either partly or entirely cover the publishing costs.
Some of our clients even sell enough adverts to not only cover the costs, but also make an additional revenue! That's completely FREE marketing or a publishing strategy that gets your message directly out to your market place, while paying you a profit!
With a BrochureZine, you can dominate your marketplace and cement a permanent advantage over your competitors.

Print & Production services

Production Service

Our final popular contract publishing service is build around your content and our design and production. We still give you direction and advice on content, advertising strategy and distribution planning, but essentially, we design the publication and organise cost-effective, trade-only printing, or provide your digital magazine as a page-turner for your website and social media campaigns. You sell the adverts, your control the content, you organise distribution, we provide a stunning and memorable publication that helps you to meet your marketing and business objectives. We can even work with your nominated print partner or local distribution team to ensure quality and delivery, so that you can concentrate on the many opportunities that will doubtless be created.

Your own printed and digital publication

A magazine for your business from only £999 per issue...
We even have zero cost options and models
that create a revenue stream for you