So... Business

So… Business is a B2B paper featuring expert advice, informative articles, full-blooded opinion pieces, the very latest in leading-edge business tech and a marketplace for Business to Business services. The publications goes directly to decision-makers at SME’s across each editions region with a further batch of the print-run available at pick-up points such as exhibitions, business hubs, business lounges, networking venues and B2B networking events.

We currently have monthly editions in Isle of Man, Dorset, and Southampton.

In October 2023 we are launching our Central London and City edition, with 10,000 decision-making readers receiving the publication through-the-post and a further 20,000 copies available at pick-up points around the capital.

You can view online examples and access price information for various editions below…

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So… Business #1 – Isle of Man – Miscion
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So… Business (Southampton Price List)
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Central London & City Edition Info

So Business Central London & City – Rate Card
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