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Our Marketing Services

As well as being a publisher, Village is also a full service strategic marketing agency providing tangible and proven support to SMEs across all industries with Advertising, Content Creation, Branding, Marketing Strategy, Design, digital and traditional Marketing support.

We help clients large and small with all aspects of marketing, with proven processes and guaranteed results to reach and exceed your business and marketing goals,

In the first instance, it’s FREE to talk and explore what can be done. For a no obligation chat or to set-up an initial FREE strategic scoping session, email us or give us a call on 01202 287801.

Marketing Services Offerings


Branding is much more than a logo or a strapline. Your brand represents you when you're not in the room, so it needs to remind others about what you do, while speaking the truth and delivering on your promises. Think not what your brand means to you, but what it means to your customers and how it conveys your ethos, style, energy, approach, proposition and values. You'll not be surprised to learn that we can help you develop your brand and communications to deliver the right message and speak to the right customers.


In advertising less is more and consistency rules the waves. If you can get the idea across is a few seconds, with the minimum of words, combined with powerful imagery and a memorable message, you'll build brand recognition, increase brand equity and create tangible value for your business.
We can create winning advertising that generates interest, builds trust and fosters return on investment, wherever your campaign is targeted; online, print, social media, outdoor, events, destinations or broadcast media.


If great design was like a great ice-cream, it would be instantly likeable, memorable, refreshing and tasty; it would catch the eye and capture the imagination. Not all design (or ice-cream) is great however, sometimes it's safe and functional, on occasions its drab and often, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Here at Village, we treat every piece of design like an individual flavour of ice-cream; made to look and feel like it has been created just for your specific customers to devour and have them wanting more of whatever you have to offer.

Strategic Marketing

'Everything begins with Strategy', enabling the development stages that follow to be logical, proven and suitable to achieve the desired goals. Get the strategy right, making sure that everything is SMART (Strategic, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant & Targeted) and the concepts and creative treatment that follows will meet the requirements and deliver on expectations. The cycle then moves into the post activity phase, where results are analysed, plans adjusted and the strategic process begins again. We can help you to develop a winning strategy for your business or campaign.

Web Design

Technology and society has evolved in leaps and bounds in the Internet age. Now, approaching 80% of all web usage is performed on the go from mobile devices. We design websites so that they carry the right message and are seen how your customers want to view them. Therefore, our websites are 100% ‘responsive’, scalable and consistent on all devices and all browser platforms, ensuring your online brand experience is always first rate... However, the user experience is only part of the solution. You also need to be found and preferred. This is where our expertise in Search Engine Optimisation and other types of digital marketing help your message prevail online.

Content Creation

Whether it's online engagement, social media interest, viral potential or a concise yet captivating story that supports your brand goals, consistency of message and tone of influence make getting your words and images right, more important than ever before. We have in-house copywriters with over 30 years experience a huge breath of industries. We also have access to a freelance pool of some of the UK's best wordsmiths to ensure that your copy is memorable, entertaining and informative. We create content for websites, campaigns, PR and publications, while also providing video and original images if required.

We've been offering Marketing Services to Businesses
for over 30 years.

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