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Through the Door Distribution
GPS Tracked & Guaranteed...

Village Publishing is owned by Magazine Distributors Limited and as the name suggests, we distribute our own magazines. We also distribute other publishers magazines and client leaflets ‘through-the-door’ right across BH, SO, SP, DT & IM postcodes. We have established distributors and teams who are dependable, considerate and professional, ensuring that our magazines are all delivered in a timely manner.

Our distributors also all carry GPS tracking software on Smartphones, allowing routes, times and drop-offs to be monitored, mapped and tracked, further ensuring that deliveries are all made and completed.

With reliable delivery combined with tracking capabilities, we can guarantee successful distribution, not only for our titles, but also for other publishers magazines and a wide variety of ‘business to consumer’ leaflets, that we also deliver, ‘through-the-door’ for our clients. 

If you want to get your message ‘through-the-door’, professionally delivered and guaranteed in BH or DT postcodes (minimum of 5,000 leaflets per campaign), call us on 01202 287 801 or email us now for a quote.

Leaflet Distribution Options

We offer a range of leaflet distribution options for BH, SO, SP & IM postcodes. Campaigns must be a minimum of 5,000 households or 10,000 if going ‘through-the-door’ with one of our magazines. We can also print your leaflets for you or take delivery of your leaflets for distribution.

Campaigns start from… (minimum 5,000)

A5 Leaflet with one of our Magazines – £55 + VAT per thousand

A5 Leaflet with up to 4 other leaflets – £55 + VAT per thousand (8 week delivery window)

A5 Leaflet with up to 2 other leaflets – £65 + VAT per thousand (6 week delivery window)  

A5 leaflet on its own – £85 + VAT per thousand (3 week delivery window) 

A5 Magazine on its own – £85 per thousand

A4 Magazine on its own – £95 per thousand

If you need help with the leaflet, it’s £80 + VAT to design the leaflet (single or double-sided any size) and 5,000 printed and delivered to us to distribute would be £129 (no Vat). These are double-sided, A5 leaflets on 150gsm recycled silk stock.

For a no obligation quote for your leaflet ‘through-the-door’ of your chosen Postcode, call us on 01202 287 801 or email us the details and we’ll email you a quote and more information.

Your leaflet or magazine through the door

BH, DT, SO, SP & IM Postcodes, GPS Tracked & Guaranteed...